Our services


Our translators are experts in finance, banking or law. They all have extensive professional experience and only translate into their native languages.

Certified translation

For certain countries, including France, Italy, Germany and Spain, CPW offers translations certified by sworn translators registered with an official body.

On-site translation

For confidential or complex assignments, CPW can provide a team of translators to work in our clients’ offices. We are able to offer this service thanks to our vast network of translators.


Starting with a transcription, we can translate your video content into your chosen languages. We can deliver your video with hardcoded subtitles or the subtitle file, depending on your AV setup.

About CPW

CPW is a translation and interpreting firm specialised in finance that was founded 20 years ago.
Our extensive translation experience in banking and finance, our in-house and external resources and our high-performance software enable us to meet our clients’ requirements in terms of quality, speed and confidentiality.

CPW’s team is dynamic and responsive and has been a trusted partner to UFG-LFP for many years.
Working both with our Head Office teams and directly with our local entities, CPW plays a very useful role in terms of ensuring corporate style and coherence around the world. It leaves us the time to do other things.
Societe Generale has worked with CPW since 1999, in up to 26 language combinations. CPW delivers quality and language consistency over time, be it for our annual reports, press releases, internal or external communications, and for financial and legal texts. Its teams are conscientious and responsive. Our relationship is based on our mutual knowledge and trust. CPW also respects our need for confidentiality, which is why we asked CPW’s translators to work directly inside our crisis unit.
Societe Generale
CPW helped me with a complex audio-visual translation project, and I was very pleased with their services! Beyond the translation itself, the all-round service they provided was remarkable. Few service providers are able to anticipate a client’s constraints, adjust their organisation to meet a client’s needs, voluntarily provide regular follow-up reporting and deliver seamless services – even in the middle of August! I fully recommend CPW!”
BNP Paribas
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